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  • Plantation

    Plant Trees to Plan Livehood
  • Tree Transplantation

    We build new home for Trees
  • Tree Ambulance

    We care for Trees,It's precious.
  • Tree Transplanter

    We Shift Tree to its New Home.

"SASA Enviro and Agrotech Private Limited is Committed to Tree Safety and Increase Green Cover"


Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation is need of the hour which should be done in large scale to counterbalance the loss o..

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Tree Transplantation

Grown Trees are priceless assets to the environment and human beings. We cannot afford to lose those..

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Restoration Of Uprooted Trees

Natural disasters like tsunamis, storms and floods damage trees. Saving those matured trees is vital..

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Maintenance Of Trees

Trees need regular maintenance to ensure their long term health and safety in our landscapes. One of..

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Survey Of Trees

Tree surveys are conducted for the purpose of building and construction and can be important in both..

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Native Seed Bank

Seed banks protect and save plant genetic diversity, which is important for several reasons. These s..

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Seed Balls

Seed Balls also known as Earth Balls consists of variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of ..

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SASA Enviro and Agro conducts Educational & Training Programs and Workshops to spread awareness and ..

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