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Tree Ambulance

Tree Spade is a multi-blade equipment that used to uproot the tree smoothly with its mother soil and surrounding roots up to certain distance in process of transplanting or shifting it to any new place already prepared to receive it. The spade operates on manual as well as hydraulic power.

The Manually Operated Tree Spade is useful only for small trees with less than 10 cm girth (circumference).

Hydraulic spade comes with different variants for different capacities as follows…
Mini Tree Spade: It can uproot tree with girth size up to 20 cm.
Maxi Tree Spade: It can uproot tree with girth size from 20 cm up to 40 cm.

Our R&D teams are working on to manufacture large size tree spade that are usefull for large size tree for girth size between 40 cm to 100 cm.

Tree Spade

Tree Ambulance is equipped with tools and equipments that would be normally used to nurture any plant.It has storage place to store organic Fertilizers and Pesticides of your choice. Dedicated storage provision for Native Seeds preservation or storage of seed balls which need to be promoted across in view of promoting Tree Plantation, Organic and Natural Farming.

It is also equipped with Audio Visual Equipment to show adequate films, clips to the visitors on in campaigns in view of spreading knowledge of new tools and techniques, promote forgotten but good practices of Organic Farming and make public knowledgeable and responsible for Environmental Safety.

The sample product is now developed and launched on 22nd May 2019. We are working on its improvement to have more facilities.