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Tree Ambulance

The Tree Ambulance is a unique concept to nurture the environment, attend to trees affected by parasites or disease, undertake reforestation activities, supply seeds, undertake surveys and also impart training by audio-visual methods.Fully equipped with all modern equipment and serviced by competent personnel, we also carry ready seeds of native varieties, organic manure, pesticides and fertilizers to supplement efforts. We also undertake plantation establishment, maintenance and service and promote organic farming methods and raise awareness with our tree ambulance initiative.

Tree Spade

Tree Spade is a multi-blade equipment that used to uproot the tree smoothly with its mother soil and surrounding roots up to a certain distance in the process of transplanting or shifting it to any new place which is already prepared to receive it. We offer manual and hydraulic tree spades to individuals and organizations, and the maximum size available can handle trees of girth up to 60 cm.

Fully equipped and ready to operate, we also manufacture, supply and maintain tree spades to organizations that seek to engage in the tree replantation process.